Wamiq Jafri
Director Mobile Services

Wamiq is the director of Mobility Solutions at Netvision Solutions. He brings with him an MBA and a substantial management consulting experience, with domain expertise in Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Service, across a broad spectrum of industries, including, Airline, Automotive, Banking, Consumer Products, Government, Insurance and Telecommunications.

Wamiq’s experience has been of developing business and customer strategies for leading global organisations. Wamiq provides his expertise to our clients with developing and executing Mobility Strategy for the SME's and also develop Business Models for clients who would like to develop their Apps into a profit centre for their business.



Naeem Paracha
Lead Cross-Platform Development

Naeem has a Bachelors degree in Computer Sciences and has been developing Apps for iPhone and Android since 2009. Naeem has commercially developed and published a total of 14 apps and games for iOS and 6 apps forAndroid devices. Naeem challenges convention and pushes the ideas to the extreme to maximise the benefits that can be achieved with mobile platforms. Naeem is a philanthropist and dedicates his time teaching mathematics to children from unprivileged backgrounds.


Bob Khan
Lead iOS Developer

Bob is a highly educated and highly trained software and networking engineer, and has extensive experience in developing client server applications. Bob specializes in developing apps for iOS devices. Bob has developed over 20 apps for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. Bob is a regular contributor of articles and point-of-views on mobile developer community blogs.


Arsalan Khan
Lead Android Developer

Khan is a seasoned App developer for iOS and Android platform who has been developing apps since 2008. Khan has over 8 years of development experience and has published over 15 Android apps and 5 games on iOS devices. Khan is currently working on developing a framework to utilise most commonly used mobile device features that will help build apps faster and cheaper for our clients


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